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ICO Marketing

Initial coin offerings (ICOs): give start ups a chance/opportunity to raise capital, through crowdfunding, without giving up equity.  

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Marketing for Healthcare Professionals, a patient focus practice.

2018 is halfway in the history books, but already there have been some exciting developments in the healthcare marketing landscape! Most notably, patients have started acting like the true consumers they are, and steadily making choices based off of..

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How to create your Own SMarketing Team Building Activities

If your company has yet to close the operational gap between your Sales and Marketing divisions, you're probably not experiencing much growth. This is where SMarketing fits into the modern business landscape, introducing a novel alignment and..

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Get to Know Your Buyer Personas

Are you getting the most from your buyer personas? Before you answer, you need to know exactly what a buyer persona is! These marketing pearls of wisdom are fictional, generalized representations of your ideal customers. They're created to help you..

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Is Video Marketing for you?


In recent years, much of content marketing has shifted to video streaming. In 2005, as the oldest of millennials entered college, YouTube came onto the digital scene and opened video expressway to the masses—and as the company grew, more..

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Do you have clear KPI’s? | 7 Pillars Digital LLC

Small business is not all about doing and more doing, you also have to stop and measure your actions compare them to your goals, in other words, evaluate your business performance based on the strategies or activities taken during a period.

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An Advice in Digital Marketing | 7 Pillars Digital LLC

As a millennial entrepreneur you are developing a business in an era where everything is marketable, and everywhere. You find answers on Google, find products on Amazon, and always surrounded with ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any other..

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Price is what you pay Value is what you get; a Startup Bootcamp.

Davin Daly, former BlueSage Solutions LLC COO, was invited and registered to participate in one of our 2017 Bootcamps. He came in with general expectations and intrigue that comes from building a startup company, and a brand. However after the..

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Creating a Practical Learning Experience for a Mortgage Corporation

During one of our Bootcamps in 2017, we had the pleasure to meet Georgeanne Benvenutti, the Marketing Director for Residential Home Funding. A million-dollar mortgage corporation with several hundred employees, established in 2000, Residential Home..

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7 Awesome Marketing Apps for SMB | 7 Pillars Digital LLC

A smb owner quite often wears many hats, and does many things, in other words, transforms him/her self into an octopus, keeping all hands busy at the same time.

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