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An Advice in Digital marketing

As a millennial entrepreneur you are developing a business in an era where everything is marketable, and everywhere. You find answers on Google, find products on Amazon, and always surrounded with ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any other..

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Price is what you pay Value is what you get; a Startup Bootcamp.

Davin Daly, former BlueSage Solutions LLC COO, was invited and registered to participate in one of our 2017 Bootcamps. He came in with general expectations and intrigue that comes from building a startup company, and a brand. However after the..

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Creating a practical learning experience for a mortgage corporation

During one of our Bootcamps in 2017, we had the pleasure to meet Georgeanne Benvenutti, the Marketing Director for Residential Home Funding. A million-dollar mortgage corporation with several hundred employees, established in 2000, Residential Home..

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7 Awesome Marketing Apps for SMB

A smb owner quite often wears many hats, and does many things, in other words, transforms him/her self into an octopus, keeping all hands busy at the same time.

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A Quick Guide on Local SEO for SMB

More and more searchers (especially on mobile devices) are looking for local businesses. Local SEO can help your business stand out in the SERPs.

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A Few tips on Low Investment Marketing for SMB

Let's be honest when it comes to small businesses resources are limited, and you need to get customers, therefore market your business efficiently by finding practical, low-cost marketing methods that provide ROI.

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Seven Steps to Writing a Business Plan

The purpose of 7 Pillars is to empower professionals at all levels, from entrepreneurs to small business owners to corporate executives, with a reliable, go-to resource and foundation for marketing success.

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Are you Mobile Ready? A Mobile Strategy for SMB

When it comes to e-commerce, it's all about mobile. Web designers and developers think about the mobile structure and performance before going into the desktop or any other device.

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Our Advice on Online Sales Strategy for SMB to Boost The Revenue

E-sales are the sales performed via an e-commerce channel. E-commerce is a transaction of buying or selling online. Big retailers and smb have populated the internet space with virtual stores where consumers have easy access to goods and services. 

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Marketing 101: Market Research is a need not an option

When creating a successful marketing plan or strategy, market research is a need not an option. Market Research reminds you to be flexible, keep innovating not only your product but all the elements involved in your business or career. Market research..

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